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Re: DD bs=4M option on USB mem-stick creates false format


i wrote:
> >   One may well try to manage the stick by a partition editor.

Richard Owlett wrote:
> Appropriate search terms that would lead to learning "howto"?

"linux"-or-"yourdesktop" together with "partition editor".
The reason to start this thread was about "gparted". We saw output of
"fdisk" and "gdisk". All three are for command line and/or text dialog.

The desktops will surely have their own graphical tools.
I expect that they handle partitioning and also file system creation.

My own approach with creating a filesystem would be "man mkfs"
  "This  mkfs  frontend  is  deprecated  in  favour of filesystem specific
   mkfs.<type> utils.
       fs(5), badblocks(8), fsck(8), mkdosfs(8), mke2fs(8), mkfs.bfs(8),
       mkfs.ext2(8), mkfs.ext3(8), mkfs.ext4(8), mkfs.minix(8), mkfs.msdos(8),
       mkfs.vfat(8), mkfs.xfs(8)"

Well, i'd need to decide for a filesystem type anyways.
If it's for exchange of files with MS-Windows or Mac, then mkfs.msdos
or mkfs.vfat.
If it's for Linux only with need for linux-ly filenames and file
properties, then rather mkfs.ext2, 3, or 4.

The words "mkfs.msdos", "mkfs.vfat", "mkfs.ext2", "mkfs.ext3", "mkfs.ext4"
in Google yield interesting info.

Have a nice day :)