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Re: DD bs=4M option on USB mem-stick creates false format

On 03/28/2017 09:20 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

Richard Owlett wrote:
/dev/sdb3       1140736 15130623 13989888  6.7G 83 Linux

For the records (as Richard obviously knew it already):

If you believe that line, would you like to by a Brooklyn Bridge?
It was legitimately for sale in late 1960's (located in Tompkins County not NY,NY ;)

After the run of make_isombr_part, the new partition has no
The commands mkfs or mkdosfs would be the next step, or some GUI tool
for managing disk partitions.

The purpose of make_isombr_part is two-fold:

- Make the partitioning as normal as possible by removing APM and GPT.
  This shall keep the usual partition editors from hating the stick.

- Compensate for the remaining flaw of partition 2 sitting inside
  partition 1 by adding a preliminary MBR partition up to the given
  block address or up to the device end.
  One may well try to manage the stick by a partition editor.
  But if everything else fails, this partition is better than nothing.

Appropriate search terms that would lead to learning "howto"?

Disk /dev/sdb: 7.2 GiB, 7746879488 bytes, 15130624 sectors

And what did the merchants write in their advertising ? 8 GB ?

That's what the bubble pack said.

Have a nice day :)