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Re: DD bs=4M option on USB mem-stick creates false format


Richard Owlett wrote:
> I am running Debian 8.6.0 with MATE desktop.
> ...
> bash: /home/richard/Downloads/make_isombr_part: cannot execute binary file:
> Exec format error

Can it be your system is equipped with Debian for architecture i386 ?
I forgot to mention that my system is amd64.

> Operator error or other?

Probably my error. I forgot the many architectures supported by Debian.
I should have advertised building from source.

So please download:


MD5: 85e89cec6173e889693e8466d7cad763

If you do not have program /usr/bin/cc yet, then install package
"build-essential", which provides the equipment for the C language.

To build your own binary, do in the directory where you have the
file  make_isombr_part.c :

  cc -g -Wall -o make_isombr_part make_isombr_part.c

This command should end quickly without any messages.
If messages appear, then please show them.
If all is well, a new file
is supposed to have emerged and to have rx-permissions at least
for its owner. That's your executable binary.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day :)