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Re: zenity --text-info autoscrolling?

On Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:03:33 +0200
Floris <jkfloris@xxxxxx> wrote:

>Op Fri, 24 Mar 2017 23:33:06 +0100 schreef Jason <electron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> In interactive shell scripts I like piping output into zenity  
>> --text-info for display. If
>> the output is more than fits in the zenity window, any additional lines  
>> will be too far
>> down to display unless the user manually scrolls down to the bottom of  
>> the text.
>> Does anyone know if there is a way to tell zenity to automatically  
>> scroll down as lines
>> are added so that the last lines are always visible? This way the output  
>> of the current
>> action would be displaying at the bottom of the zenity dialog box,  
>> instead of not being
>> visible.
>> Using zenity 3.4.0-2 on Debian 8.1.
>> --
>> Thanks.
>> Jason
>perhaps you can use yad, a fork of zenity, with the tail option:
>$ yad --help-text
>   yad [OPTION...] - Yet another dialoging program
>Text information options
>   --text-info                                    Display text information  
>   --fore=COLOR                                   Use specified color for  
>   --back=COLOR                                   Use specified color for  
>   --wrap                                         Enable text wrapping
>   --justify=TYPE                                 Set justification (left,  
>right, center or fill)
>   --margins=SIZE                                 Set text margins
>   --tail                                         Autoscroll to end of text
>   --show-cursor                                  Show cursor in read-only  
>   --show-uri                                     Make URI clickable
>   --uri-color=COLOR                              Use specified color for  

Thanks for the suggestion; it sounds like something that would work. Unfortunately, I
must work with something that already exists on my target systems (zenity does but not
yad) as it is not an option to add programs on some of these systems. Of course, you
could not know that as I had not stated it in my original post.

Thanks for your reply!