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Re: When specifying path to file - confused about ./ and ~/

On Mon 27 Mar 2017 at 21:48:00 (+0000), kAt wrote:
> PS  off-topic rant
> I just updated and a package named busybox came up.  Since I didn't know
> what it was I went into the page and its most recent revision of 1/2017
> seemed to be 3 years ahead of the testing/unstable version that we just
> updated now!  And this is very basic common stuff like cp and fdisk
> ......  How conservative is our system?  Wowww!

Type the following:

$ mkdir /tmp/foo
$ cd /tmp/foo
$ zcat /initrd.img | cpio --extract --no-absolute-filenames
$ ls -i bin sbin | sort -nr | more

and you will see that the overwhelming majority of commands, over
180 of them, are all in the one busybox binary of a little over ½MB.
Were you to run a shell in the debian-installer (Alt-F2), you'd see
that all those commands are much less well-endowed than the versions
you know and love.