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Re: Encrypted flash drives

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 10:02:27AM +0200, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 08:31:45AM +0900, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> [...]
> > Tomas has tried to give me pointers on that but I'm afraid I don't 
> > understand where to take that. Is there any chance someone who isn't a 
> > self-proclaimed "desktop luddite" could comment?
> There *must* be some place in your shiny desktop environment "disks"
> or something like that where you configure media "known" to your
> desktop environment.

Update -- it *almost* worked. I now have a clean flash drive with the 
right partition type and file system, which I get the right permissions 
to everywhere, including in Files, when it is mounted. BUT it still is 
not auto-detecting when I plug it in.

In Disks, I notice the following:

Even before I do anything, when neither working nor almost-working 
drives are plugged in, Disks shows me an entry for one of the USB flash 

If I plug in the almost-working one, it occupies that entry and 
populates it with information. If I plug in the working one, a new item 
is created for it. If I unmount and remove both usb drives, one of the 
two entries disappears and the other one doesn't.

Comparing the two with the drives plugged in and mounted, they look 
extremely similar, except for the following. In the working one: 

Model: hp v250x (1100)
Size: 8.1GB (8,103,395,328 bytes)
Partitioning: Master Boot Record
Serial Number: <serial number>

In the almost-working one:

Model: hp v250w (1100)
Media: --
Size: --
Partitioning: Master Boot Record
Serial Number: <serial number, of course different from above)

I think I need to persuade this entry to disappear when the device is 
not plugged in, then I suspect I will be good.

Any thoughts where this information, which shows even when the 
almost-working drive is not plugged in, could be stored, and what would 
be a safe way to get rid of it? (Please don't say "reboot", this is 
Linux, should be a way to clean up without rebooting)