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Re: libjasper in Stretch

On Mon, 27 Mar 2017, Reco wrote:


On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 12:16:25PM +0000, David Griffith wrote:

Why is libjasper missing from Stretch?

According to https://bugs.debian.org/812630 the stated reason for its
removal is that libjasper has not been updated for ten years.

No, actual reason for the removal was that the only package's maintainer
stepped down. Quote:

Due to lack of time, I'm looking for a new maintainer for this package.

In this same
bug report is a note that this assertion is not true and a link was provided
to a Github repository.

On January 25th maintainer stepped down. On October 25th (i.e. more than
half-year later) someone noticed that upstream was back to life.
The fact that the second assertion (i.e. 'dead upstream') was
invalidated did not do anything to first (i.e. 'package unmaintained').

Nonetheless, the bug report was closed without
further explanation.

The explanation was provided, in fact:

------------------- Reason -------------------
RoQA; dead upstrem, replaced by openjpeg

I also saw this https://packages.qa.debian.org/j/jasper/news/20170212T221713Z.html, which suggests that the original maintainer has stepped back up. In any case, I should perhaps convert my code from using Jasper to using OpenJPEG. But then I notice that there is no libopenjpeg5-dev in Stretch to go along with libopenjpeg5. Is this just temporary?

David Griffith

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