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Re: DD bs=4M option on USB mem-stick creates false format

On Monday, March 27, 2017 07:45:00 AM kAt wrote:
> Again the question is not so much at the vendor's magic system but why
> would a 0.6G image rent the rest of the disk useless for copying stuff
> in and out, which I have done with many live systems.

To me this is not an unexpected result.  I don't remember the details, but, 
depending on how you copy the install image to the disk, it will make the disk 
(even a much larger disk) look like it can hold only the installation disk.  

IIRC, it has to do with how many partitions you have on the disk and where you 
copy the image to--again, iirc, if you partition the disk first, and then put 
the image in one partition, it will fill only that partition.  If you put the 
image on the entire disk, it will fill the entire disk.

In your copying / dding / whatever of the image to the disk, (again, iirc) if 
you specify, for example, the target as /dev/sdc the entire disk is filled, if 
you specify /dev/sdc1, you fill only partition 1.

Whether you can then boot the image is another question.  I don't remember 
enough to give more details atm.