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Re: Samsung ML-1915 printer

On Sun 26 Mar 2017 at 14:45:04 -0400, Doug wrote:

> On 03/26/2017 10:55 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> >I'm still stuck with my problem, so I'm posting it again hoping for some help:
> >I alone don't manage to have my printer work, a Samsung ML-1915.  I installed
> >cups but the printer does not respond.  Printing jobs are stopped because of
> >"Filter failed" issue.  I also got no answer from cups mailing list.
> >
> >Thanks for any help,
> >
> >Rodolfo
> >
> Have you downloaded the ppd file from Samsung? I assume it's available
> on the Internet from Samsung.
> Here is an install routine for an Epson printer on my PCLOS system.
> The red colors are for the printer, the blue colors are for me. You
> should replace them with your own. And of course, the colors are not
> part of the install! From a root command prompt:
> lpadmin -p WP4530 -E -D "linux1" -L RPNY -v socket:// -P /opt/epson-inkjet-printer-201113w/ppds/Epson/Epson-WP-4530_Series-epson-driver.ppd.gz
> -E
> linux1 is the name of my computer
> RPNY is an abbreviation of my location

Both these are optional. The case used is up to the user.

> is the static IP of my printer
> /opt is a directory in /
> /epson-inkjet-printer-201113w is a subdirectory in /opt
> /ppds is the next subdirectory
> /Epson is the next subdirectory
> Epson-WP-4530, etc is the actual driver found in the /Epson subdirectory

On Debian the PPD is in the printer-driver-escpr package, The -P option
isn't needed. -m escpr:0/model..... would be used instead.
> I don't know what you put for the socket if your printer doesn't have a
> static ip; all of my devices have static ips. I find that otherwise I don't
> know what's where!

Rodolfo Medina's printer only has a USB interface.

> After you do that  open cups (http://localhost:631) and turn off sharing,
> unless you want all your computers to use the same printer all the time. If

"-o printer-is-shared=false" in the lpadmin command would save having to
use the web interface.

> you have two
> printers, things might get confusing. I have each of my two printers
> installed separately in each of my computers, and sharing turned off in
> each. Strange things happen
> if you don't do it this way. Be very careful of CASE when you put in the
> command, and watch spaces, underlines, etc.

Queue names are case-insensitive. WP4530 is the same as wp4530.
> When you modify cups, you may have to put in name and password. For name,
> the answer is root and for password, the answer is your own root password.

The user's username and password can be used if she is a member of the
lpadmin group. The command 'groups' would inform.