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Re: Encrypted flash drives

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 12:28:33PM +0200, Nicolas George wrote:
> Well, I am sorry to say that the extents of the advice I can give on
> handling troubles with Gnome or other desktop environments is "apt-get
> purge gnome nautilus; apt-get install fvwm zsh". I can still suggest two
> basic generic things to test: first, look carefully at the differences,
> in ownership, permissions, etc., of the mounted filesystems. Second, try
> with a clean account to see if the keys still show different behaviours
> (and if that fails, try with a brand new install).
Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I will check those things. But I feel 
that still leaves the question of why there is no reaction to the 
initial insert of the drive in the "semi-broken" case, whereas with the 
other there is an immediate reaction in that the screen pops up asking 
me to enter the passphrase. Obviously this moment is before there is a 
mounted filesystem to look at.

Tomas has tried to give me pointers on that but I'm afraid I don't 
understand where to take that. Is there any chance someone who isn't a 
self-proclaimed "desktop luddite" could comment?

At this point this is a "interesting, wonder what is wrong with this" as 
opposed to "oh god I'm dying" thing, but I'd appreciate pointers in 
figuring out how to resolve it. I think it boils down to differences 
between the commands I executed on the command line and what Files is 
doing in the background if you use the GUI. It doesn't sit well with me, 
as it may with many others, that the GUI does a better job that I can't 
replicate on the command line -- means there is something happening that 
I don't understand.