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Re: SSH Access Issue

On 03/26/2017 05:21 AM, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:
Turns out the box had a second default gateway by mistake, mine of course.
I guess I forgot I manually added the default gateway when the box was in
my lab. As it turns out the clue was irrelevant but talking things out here
did somehow lead my the the right clue.

Years ago, I developed two habits that have proven very useful for troubleshooting:

1. I keep a plain text system administration log file for every computer with personal notes, console sessions, contents of key files, e-mails, web pages, etc., etc.. I put this under version control.

2. I put all manually-created and modified-default system configuration files under version control.

Lately, I have started keeping administration logs for individual drives and motherboards.

I have also tried putting the entire /etc tree under version control right after installation. Because I use CVS, this gets messy when adding and removing packages. Also, CVS has limited support for meta-data. I supposed I could add automation and/or switch to a better version control system; but, then again, that is etckeeper: