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Re: Samsung ML-1915 printer

Title: Re: Samsung ML-1915 printer

On 03/26/2017 10:55 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
I'm still stuck with my problem, so I'm posting it again hoping for some help:
I alone don't manage to have my printer work, a Samsung ML-1915.  I installed
cups but the printer does not respond.  Printing jobs are stopped because of
"Filter failed" issue.  I also got no answer from cups mailing list.

Thanks for any help,


Have you downloaded the ppd file from Samsung? I assume it's available on the Internet from Samsung.
Here is an install routine for an Epson printer on my PCLOS system. The red colors are for the printer,
the blue colors are for me. You should replace them with your own. And of course, the colors are not
part of the install! From a root command prompt:

lpadmin -p WP4530 -E -D "linux1" -L RPNY -v socket:// -P /opt/epson-inkjet-printer-201113w/ppds/Epson/Epson-WP-4530_Series-epson-driver.ppd.gz -E

linux1 is the name of my computer
RPNY is an abbreviation of my location is the static IP of my printer
/opt is a directory in /
/epson-inkjet-printer-201113w is a subdirectory in /opt
/ppds is the next subdirectory
/Epson is the next subdirectory
Epson-WP-4530, etc is the actual driver found in the /Epson subdirectory

I don't know what you put for the socket if your printer doesn't have a static ip; all of my devices have static ips. I find that otherwise I don't know what's where!
After you do that  open cups (http://localhost:631) and turn off sharing, unless you want all your computers to use the same printer all the time. If you have two
printers, things might get confusing. I have each of my two printers installed separately in each of my computers, and sharing turned off in each. Strange things happen
if you don't do it this way. Be very careful of CASE when you put in the command, and watch spaces, underlines, etc.

When you modify cups, you may have to put in name and password. For name, the answer is root and for password, the answer is your own root password.

Thanks to a Tasmanian  fellow who goes by the name "wedgetail" for teaching me this. via the PCLOS Forum.