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Re: Encrypted flash drives

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 11:31:19AM +0200, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le sextidi 6 germinal, an CCXXV, Mark Fletcher a écrit :
> > Yeah I guess so, but chmod or chown of WHAT, though?
> Of the root directory of the drive, i.e. the directory where it is
> mounted: chown you /media/mark/drive while it is mounted.
Thanks for the quick reply. I've got mixed success to report from that.

When I plug in the device, open Files manually, click on "8.1GB 
Encrypted" and supply the passphrase, it mounts the drive at 

That was owned by root. I did chown mark:mark <same really long string 
of letters and numbers> and verified the ownership had changed. 
Everything inside that directory, ie on the drive, is already owned by 
user mark. And to confirm, I am logged into Gnome as mark.

After executing that chown command and before ejecting the drive, the 
"New Folder" etc commands on the Files right-click menu were enabled, 
where previously they had been disabled, suggesting Files now felt it 
could write to the disk.

I ejected the volume. The really long string of letters and numbers in 
/media/mark disappeared, as expected.

I removed the drive and re-inserted it. No response from Gnome. I fired 
up Files again manually, and saw "8.1GB Encryted" as before. Clicking on 
that and supplying the passphrase mounted the device, as before. Again 
it is mounted in /media/mark/blahdiblahdiblah (this time it was 
/media/mark/138b9d59-b0cd-49cc-a738-8fecea5f0035 to be precise, I am not 
sure if that is identical to before but suspect so).

That directory in /media/mark was owned by... mark this time! BUT, Files 
has the New Folder command greyed out, indicating it does NOT think it 
can write to this device. And I cannot paste anything into the device's 
pane in Files. BUT AGAIN, at the command line, as mark, I went into 
/media/mark/138b9d59-b0cd-49cc-a738-8fecea5f0035 and typed touch 
test.txt and lo and behold the file was created. So now I have a 
confused Files / Nautilus on top of everything else...

So perms are fixed in fact but not according to the Files application. 
And detection and auto-prompting for the passphrase on connect is not 
working for this device but is working for the identical one I formatted 
properly with Files. I'd like to un-confuse Files and get autodetection