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Re: Encrypted flash drives

Le sextidi 6 germinal, an CCXXV, Mark Fletcher a écrit :
> Yeah I guess so, but chmod or chown of WHAT, though?

Of the root directory of the drive, i.e. the directory where it is
mounted: chown you /media/mark/drive while it is mounted.

> Also, for some reason I can't reply-list to your mails, so I'm afraid 
> you are going to get a direct copy of this message whether you want it 
> or not. Apologies in advance, not sure what I can do about that. You've 
> got something unusual in your mail headers that is confusing mutt...

No apologies required, you did the right thing automatically.
"reply-list" is a stupid design that requires human attention for
something that can, and therefore should, be automated. For some reason
that I will not hazard to discuss here, this mailing-list is not
configured to set the headers that would actually automate it for
everybody. Instead, I have configured my own client to set it.


  Nicolas George

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