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Re: repairing damage to package manager

Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
>Jochen Spieker wrote:
>> Chuck Hallenbeck:
>> > 
>> > # apt-get remove upgrade-system apt
>> Nice one! This brightens my day a little as it reminds me how I found
>> out the relationship betweent the commands available on MSDOS 5.0 and
>> the contents of the C:\DOS directory. :) I don't know how many times I
>> had deleted stuff from there until it finally hit me.
>> Anyway, it's great of you not to be too embarassed to ask this and it is
>> even better that you could get help so quickly. It was more difficult
>> with MSDOS and no internet back then.
> Well, I have to tell you, I did hesitate to ask. But the help I got was
> not only quick, but right on target.  The trick is to learn from other
> people's mistakes, not one's own.
> One more O.T. observation: Debian let me do a truly dumb thing, but I
> wouldn't have it any other way.

  who here hasn't done an erroneous rm or some
other fumble fingered thing?

  a few weeks ago i was working on tagging some
pictures and didn't notice that i had selected 
9000 of them instead of the few i intended.  then
i deleted the tags.  there is no way to interrupt
this.  oops.  i had to go find the backup files 
and restore the database which held the tags.
luckily i did make a backup of my work and that 
was all it was to restore the tags instead of 
having to actually go dig up the 9000 picture
files again.