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Re: A bit OT: Amanda Restore

On Saturday 25 March 2017 11:43:51 Mark Fletcher wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 12:49:19PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Friday 24 March 2017 11:51:27 Mark Fletcher wrote:
> > > I'd assume that if I suffered a disk failure, replaced the disk,
> > > re-installed Jessie and tried to use Amanda to restore my backups
> > > of my stuff, I'd be hosed right now because my current /etc/amanda
> > > and its subdirectories would be gone. Is this correct? Amanda
> > > would not be able to recover in this situation, right?
> >
> > Correct. This is why I use a different disk for amanda backup files,
> > and I wrote a script to wrap the amanda run so that when amanda is
> > done, this script appends the complete amanda configuration, and its
> > database, to the end of that backup. This has the added advantage of
> > being able to do a recovery to the state of the last backup run,
> > instead of the day before because the on disk amanda stuff, as
> > recorded in the backup, is a run old. Its hand work to do an install
> > on a new system disk, but then I can unpack that stuff from the
> > "amanda" disk to install amanda's config and database. From that
> > point its amrecover run time and when done I have a system exactly
> > the same a it existed at 01:40 or so in the morning.
> Right makes sense. But Hmmm.. "...and database...". Database? would
> that be /var/lib/amanda, or something else?
> So I'm concerned with /etc/amanda and below, and /var/lib/amanda and
> below, right?

In my case I didn't change the build target since it was /usr/local, so 
my config is /usr/local/etc/amanda, and the database 
is /usr/local/var/amanda.

/etc/amandahosts, with my install only has the security id thing, called 
amandahosts, although its linked as .amandahosts to several other 

The clients seem to want it as /etc/amandahosts though.

Currently running 3.3.7p1 on this, the server for several years, and 
whatever the distro supplies on the clients. I did try the latest 3.4.3 
about 2 weeks back, but so many config changes ruined any chance of 
doing a backup without hours of wading thru new config things, so I took 
the path of least resistance and went back to 3.3.7p1. I keep 
a /home/amanda tree just for building it from the tarball.  Had to build 
it from scratch.  Apparently I had done a make clean in that src tree at 
some time in the now dim past..

That difference in paths tends to separate the noise as those are not 
popular paths.

> > > What is the _right_ way to do this? And, if I were using Amanda as
> > > its creators obviously intended and backing up multiple machines,
> > > what would the recommended way to back up the Amanda server itself
> > > (ie its configuration and current state) be?
> >
> > Poke around on my site in the sig and get the GenesAmandaHelper
> > stuff, install it in a subdir of the same name, and change your cron
> > job to run backup.sh that you will find in this subdir when its
> > unpacked. You may have to edit something, and play with the
> > onwer:group settings etc to get it to run, possibly even a
> > configuration change but the idea is there.
> Nice one, thanks -- I will check this out!
> > > I know there are some long-standing users of Amanda on here so I'm
> > > hoping someone can help me figure out what I am missing...
> >
> > Does since 1999 count? ;-)
> It does indeed -- in fact it was you, Gene, that I was hoping would
> respond to this question! :) I almost mailed you directly, since the
> question was a touch OT for the list, but thought that might be a bit
> presumptious.
> Thanks for your help!
> Mark

Decent, save your butt backups shouldn't be off-topic for any distro's 
support lists. Presently I have 4 machines running wheezy in 32 bit even 
with 64 bit cpu's, mainly because up until recently, none of the 64 bit 
installs were antwhere near fast enough to run linuxcnc.

To wander farther off-topic;

But I am down to only one machine still running software stepping and 
intend to put a mesa 5i25 card in it to take over the step generation 
for the motors, which should allow it to run 175% faster, and if I can 
find a different psu still with a 5 volt output, but up around 40 volts 
& 10 amps for the motors, it will run 300% faster when cutting air. But 
when doing EDM on it, the feed rate is maybe .010" a minute, and 
recently thats all I have used it for. EDM can be used like a hacksaw 
blade, but thinner, and zero burrs on either side of the cut.

I do have one machine, running the raspbian jessie 64 bit build on a 
raspberry pi 3b.  That, with a mesa 7i90 interface card, is loafing at 
maybe 5% cpu being used by linuxcnc. Very efficient except for 
electrical spikes getting into the interface, its a 3.3 volt interface 
and very easily destroyed by all the noise being generated by all the 
switchmode devices it takes to run motors efficiently. 

All grounding MUST be star config to a single bolt, with the grounds 
going here and there well insulated until they get to where they are 
going. They can't touch anything else getting there because thats a 
ground loop, radiating or picking up the noise. I have about 20 of those 
clamp on ferrite chokes to block and slow it, and nearly have it under 
control. But not quite.

ATM I am pokeing around in a 2x2x1" block of steel because I just _know_ 
there is a taperlock hub hiding in it.  But thats off topic, other than 
the computer driving that witching stick, a small lathe known 
disaffectionately as TLM for "The Little Monster", is running debian 

I have many hobbies in my so-called golden years. Too many perhaps. ;-)

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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