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Re: A bit OT: Amanda Restore

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 12:49:19PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Friday 24 March 2017 11:51:27 Mark Fletcher wrote:
> > I'd assume that if I suffered a disk failure, replaced the disk,
> > re-installed Jessie and tried to use Amanda to restore my backups of
> > my stuff, I'd be hosed right now because my current /etc/amanda and
> > its subdirectories would be gone. Is this correct? Amanda would not be
> > able to recover in this situation, right?
> >
> Correct. This is why I use a different disk for amanda backup files, and 
> I wrote a script to wrap the amanda run so that when amanda is done, 
> this script appends the complete amanda configuration, and its database, 
> to the end of that backup. This has the added advantage of being able to 
> do a recovery to the state of the last backup run, instead of the day 
> before because the on disk amanda stuff, as recorded in the backup, is a 
> run old. Its hand work to do an install on a new system disk, but then I 
> can unpack that stuff from the "amanda" disk to install amanda's config 
> and database. From that point its amrecover run time and when done I 
> have a system exactly the same a it existed at 01:40 or so in the 
> morning.

Right makes sense. But Hmmm.. "...and database...". Database? would that 
be /var/lib/amanda, or something else?

So I'm concerned with /etc/amanda and below, and /var/lib/amanda and 
below, right?

> > What is the _right_ way to do this? And, if I were using Amanda as its
> > creators obviously intended and backing up multiple machines, what
> > would the recommended way to back up the Amanda server itself (ie its
> > configuration and current state) be?
> Poke around on my site in the sig and get the GenesAmandaHelper stuff, 
> install it in a subdir of the same name, and change your cron job to run 
> backup.sh that you will find in this subdir when its unpacked. You may 
> have to edit something, and play with the onwer:group settings etc to 
> get it to run, possibly even a configuration change but the idea is 
> there.

Nice one, thanks -- I will check this out!

> > I know there are some long-standing users of Amanda on here so I'm
> > hoping someone can help me figure out what I am missing...
> Does since 1999 count? ;-)
It does indeed -- in fact it was you, Gene, that I was hoping would 
respond to this question! :) I almost mailed you directly, since the 
question was a touch OT for the list, but thought that might be a bit 

Thanks for your help!