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Re: Where is data stored when Synaptic scans DVDs?

On 03/19/2017 08:08 AM, David Wright wrote:
[snip ;]

How's the other research coming along?
Did you see if there were files whose timestamps change?
Did you see whether you can find the files which are apparently
indexed in /var/lib/apt/cdroms.list?
And if/when you find them, what are you going to use them for,
in view of your new philosophy of working from the DVDs anyway?

It's not new. People just assumed that I would do things a certain way because that would be the way they would do it. I put effort into asking narrowly focused questions. Many, in effect, say "Owlett can't mean ..." and proceed to answer "The question Owlett should have asked is ' ...? ' " ;}

Or is it the 13 bookmarks added to your reading list that's the
only important thing?

For now. Those links provide the resources I need to answer a broader set of questions that this thread is just the tip of a proverbial iceberg.

The subject line is my question.
Perhaps my original post gave too much information and should have been replaced by a single line quoting the subject line.

Perhaps the Subject/Body could have been phrased as
    "Where is what data stored when Synaptic scans DVDs?"

Those 13 bookmarks will begin to answer that question.