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Re: Re: claws-mail sending failure

   Thanks very much for your reply.

   I have an older machine running claws-mail 3.8.1
and a newer machine running 3.11.1.  Some but not
all correspondents stopped being able to receive
messages from my 3.8.1 machine, while still hearing
from 3.11.1.  I changed the 3.8.1 "sent" configuration
(which had previously used a different server), to
be the same as the 3.11.1 settings, including the
use of the 587 port and TLS.  These in turn were based
on documentation provided by the server.

   You talk about "running encrypted" vs unencrypted.
Is this something I can control using the "preferences
for current account"?

   I had one specific worry.  The failure to send on
3.8.1 was accompanied by the message

> Warning SSL connection failed (A TLS packet with
> unexpected length was received)

In my ignorance, I thought this might mean malware
was adding something to my messages.