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Re: Where is data stored when Synaptic scans DVDs?

>>> Stop pissing about. Is the data in /var/lib/apt or not?
>> I use to have friends like you when I worked in boat yards .... and
>> ships.  They seemed to behave better while talking to someone with a 4"
>> pipe wrench in hand.  Is this what it is about?  Not having a wrench
>> around you?
> Nobody likes being shouted at; it is very upsetting. You can tell how
> upset I was because I used "Is..." instead of "Are..." in my response.

I don't what exactly you mean by this, I may have lost the connection.

>>  "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG
> You appear above to have made a case for boatyards and ships being a
> close second.

I don't want to interpret what rEG said, as she said this more than 100
years ago, and things "may" have been different.
When most people speak of violence they tend to think of physical
violence, making verbal and psychological violence as a more acceptable
behavior.  It is almost like laundering in a form of violence, and
possibly rule by violence, that I consider unnecessary.

The state for one couldn't care less about who has the monopoly on
mental violence, it is the physical one that "it" is in control of.  If
you have the money or/and the power you can get away with any type of
violence.  Those are the conditions the economy and political structure
dictate and reproduce.  We can try to do better than this, in our
"communities" by not allowing such acts of violence.  Meaning, we must
discourage fascism (rule by violence) in any shape of form.  If you work
for Gates writing code it is OK for him to vent off on you and tell you
to stop pissing about and finish your work.  There is nothing you can do
about it.  If you work for the Mi5 they can tell you to stop pissing
about and get to snitching, subverting, and undermining as you are paid
to do.

All I can do is propose to have a less violent code of conduct.  You can
keep up with your ways and I can keep up being a pest about it!

Sometimes you just have to crush some eggs before the snakes come out
and bite you.

 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG