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Re: Netinstall of Debian 8 on DELL laptop fails

Rinse out the cd with distilled water shake it like crazy and wipe it
dry with the softest of all cotton cloths.  If it is not working still
recycle it.
Use a USB stick to put the iso on, it will last much longer than the
system will have any use.  Do not use the live part for installations,
just use the graphic install as it keeps the system free of all
unnecessary things using up resources.  The live part is a full debian
system running with the installer software in it.  It is nice so you can
look stuff up while the installation is proceeding but it is known to
produce problems.  I have no clue why.

> Klaus Jantzen wrote:
>> This is wrong as I used the same CD to install Debian on my PC without
>> any problems.
> did you follow the same path for the installation on the pc - graphic +
> expert?

There is a standard iso and Debian+non-free iso which some laptop
gadgetry requires but installation should have completed even with
missing firmware.


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