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Re: Finding firmware (and SHA sums etc), was Re: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux recognize my Acer Aspire S wifi, debian does not

On Fri 17 Mar 2017 at 17:02:04 +0000, Lisi Reisz wrote:

> On Thursday 16 March 2017 20:08:16 Brian wrote:
> > and we are told
> > it is not the purpose of this list to answer practical problems by
> > by guiding people to it. :)
> Oh, come Brian.  We are also told that it is not the purpose of Debian to 
> pander to freaks and Geeks.  We are told that the moon is made of green 
> cheese and the earth is flat.  Oh, and young ladies don't do that.  We are 
> not going to worry about what we are told, are we?

When it comes to the desirability of reading documentation on such a
basic and important procedure as installing Debian I'm inclined not to
be ambivalant. That doesn't mean I think every single word of it needs
to be understood but preparation underpins an install which is
successful. Otherwise, why put so much effort into writing the Manual?

You cut some of the paragraph I wrote. Its main intended purpose was to
point the OP to a solution to his issue, If he is still reading the
thread he started he might say whether it does. It could help others.