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tor -- way OT

I'm trying to use the Tor Browser. They don't seem to have any support
(beyond an FAQ) on their site, so I'm asking here.

Jessie and XFCE on a Supermicro workstation connected through a T1.

I installed Tor a few days ago and it was working fine -- Gmail said
it was having authentication problems and that I was using Firefox on
Winders in Paris. Just what I'd hoped for.

Then I installed privoxy and set the regular browser (Firefox) to use
it. Tor started saying it couldn't find the proxy it'd been configured
to use. Tor hadn't been configured to do any such thing, but I looked
at the config to make sure.

Firefox is the same -- no proxy. It used to use privoxy, but I turned it off

I removed Tor (Aptitude purge) and reinstalled (with Aptitude), and it
connected to DuckDuckGo, Amazon, and Newegg (maybe others, I haven't
tried). But it couldn't find the proxy when I pointed at local sites
and the virtuals on my server (again, maybe others).

So I removed privoxy, and now Tor can't even connect to its own network.

Anybody seen this, have an idea, know a fix?? Is there some kind of
(defective) interaction between the Tor and Firefox configs?

Glenn English