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Re: Suggested edit

On Friday 17 March 2017 17:24:53 Catherine Gramze wrote:
> You used Libranet, too? Are you still in touch with Tal? That was my
> favorite distro EVER. The only real help I ever got was in the Libranet
> beta testing group, for that last release that never made it because John
> was so ill.

I still mourn it and no, though I was in touch with Daniel for some time.

Oh it did make it, briefly - I bought it!!  John died almost immediately after 
it was released, and Tal withdrew it while he decided what to do.  I always 
felt that he chose to kill it, but could have given it to the community if he 
didn't want it.

But, I have a PAID FOR copy of Libranet 3.  Somewhere.  I loved, loved, loved 
it.  Nothing else can touch it - not even Debian itself!!  And it had a logo 
to die for. ;-)