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Re: Suggested edit

On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 11:43:05AM -0400, Catherine Gramze wrote:
> That "feature" is not limited to the cd version. It is also in the netinst
> version and the dvd versions. It would be nice if people intuitively
> understood that the "base system" was not going to meet their expectations of
> a minimal install, which includes a desktop environment, but noobs don't
> understand that. Equally nice would be an "advanced installation" option to
> only do a base system installation.  Making the selection of a mirror and
> desktop environment an unskippable part of the installation, unless you chose
> that advanced "base system" would be very user friendly, particularly for
> noobs.

That would presume that the majority of users of the installer wanted to
install a desktop environment. This is not necessarily true even for beginners,
on say, server machines.

Jonathan Dowland
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