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Re: Suitable text editor [NOT word processor] or workaround?

On Friday 17 March 2017 05:49:30 Jonathan Dowland wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 09:54:42AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > gedit has caused me to have to start over again, 3 times, on a 600+
> > line configuration file for machine control on several occasions. As
> > the file it trashed was 6 months worth of adding new features to
> > that machines control, that was not appreciated. 1st time is a wtf?,
> > 2nd time sends me a message, 3rd time I shut it down w/o the save
> > and never ran it again.
> Whilst this is very frustrating, one other thing it tells me is you
> need to set up a backup system (although you are quite right to
> abandon gedit based on your experiences)

I do, I am a very longtime user of amanda, since 1998 TBE. I've never 
contaminated my thinking with a windows install, going from a coco3 with 
nitros9, to amigados, to linux at RH-5.0. amanda does all 5 of these 
machines every night at about 1:20 AM and it got used all 3 times. The 
problem with that is that the status of the backup was 15 to 20 hours 
old, so I lost that days work and had to re-invent that particular batch 
of work.  I keep a rotating vtape setup of 30 days here, on a terabyte 
drive, and amanda can go back for recovery as much as 26 days if 
required. Since this is not a real tape setup where access needs to read 
the whole tape to get to the last block of data, but random access on 
rotating media, recovery's are as much as 100x faster than from tape. 
And so far its been 100% dependable, which is a heck of a lot better 
than losing 4 or 5 tapes a month, and a drive a year because I never had 
an affordable drive that didn't have to spend the thanksgiving to new 
years holidays in Oklahoma City being refurbished. Disk drives have been 
100x more dependable. That drive now has in excess of 62 thousand 
spinning hours on it, has had 25 reallocated sectors since the first 
time I looked at it with smartctl at about 5 thousand hours. It will 
die, but smartctl has so far given me enough notice that I can run up to 
Staples and get another drive and rsync to it, no data lost.

> > gedit is like asking if freshly poured concrete will crack.  Wrong
> > question because it will, the right question is "when", its just a
> > matter of time. Life is too short for putting up with that.
> I like this comparison :)

And yet for me, "life" is long, I'm 82 and counting.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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