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Re: 回复: Coorperation

On 03/16/2017 09:21 PM, 李松林 wrote:
>     Hello,  Manager, 
>         I am a sales from Archermind Technology , we work together with
>     Mstar , and we want to debug Debian os ,
This is a good place to start.  Tell us what the problem(s) is/are and
there are many people here who may be able to help solve the problems.
Be sure to be as detailed as possible when posting information, the more
information we have, the better chance we will have of being able to
figure out how to fix the problems.  Specifically, we need to know what
hardware you have and which Debian OS you are working with as well as
what is happening.
>     so can you give me a contact to for further cooperation .
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Martin Lee
>     Archermind Technology 
>     www.archermind.com
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