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Re: Guide(s?) to backup philosophies

Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> It'd probably be fairly easy to come up with a backup system based on Git
>> (probably not good for whole-system backups, but likely workable for
>> homedir backups), but I haven't come across such a thing yet.
> Well, for the reference I've now found `bup` which isn't using Git
> directly but uses the storage format of Git.

  i've found it useful, but i don't run it
every day.  i run it before i shut down for
the days when i've actually made enough
changes that i want to worry about backing

  i also do a backup with tar of selected
directories once every few months just in case 
something happens.

  when i'm doing a new system from scratch i use
a partition copy utility after each major step
so i don't have to go back and reinstall from
media and/or network if something doesn't quite 
go as i'd like.