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Re: Finding firmware (and SHA sums etc), was Re: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux recognize my Acer Aspire S wifi, debian does not

David Wright wrote:


>But irrespective of that, it would be sensible to make it as easy to
>get from page A to http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/i386/iso-cd/
>without any right clicking or rubbing out, in the event that you get
>drawn down this path. Whether that's a small proportion of people or a
>large one seems irrelevant.


I already opened a bug about the image download pages, with a proposed
new design to remove a lot of the pain in this area. See
https://bugs.debian.org/819664 for more details. Unfortunately, I've
been woefully short of time to make this new layout happen so
far. It's right at the top of my TODO list - I'd love to fix this
before we release Stretch.

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