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Re: Suitable text editor [NOT word processor] or workaround?

On Thursday 16 March 2017 11:38:52 Richard Owlett wrote:
> My environment is Jessie (8.6.0) with MATE desktop.
> I require two things:
>   1. a search and replace which can include a "newline" in new string.
>   2. display/edit 2 files simultaneously *side by side*
> MATE's standard editor (Pluma) can handle the first easily.
> I see no way to open 2 instances of Pluma in separate windows - a la
> Notepad in WindowsXP. Pluma will only open multiple files in multiple tabs.
> The two files are nearly identical and need them displayed
> simultaneously for instant visual comparison. Opening one of the files
> read only would be acceptable but not preferable.
> Suggestions?

I can't try with Pluma, because I haven't got it.  But I just tried with 
KWrite-Trinity without the slightest problem.  I can't think how to control 
the tome in which this comes out in an email, but along the lines of "Is t 
plugged in?", have you actually tried to do it?

I just managed to find a failure!  KEdit-Trinity again will open two windows 
without a problem, but Kate-Trinity appears not to do so.  I wanted to try 
GEdit, but I haven't got it and am disinclined to install half Gnome, on a 
system which is wavering, just to try this.  Sorry, Richard.

But it is obvious that some editors will do this.  You just have to find one 
you are prepared to install that does it.  Kwrite-Trinity and KEdit-Trinity 
can both do it.