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Handling mp3 files with Sox

	This is a tale of two systems. One is a wheezy
installation and it's version of sox handles mp3 files nicely. It
can create them and appears to allow one to edit them. The
listing for /usr/bin/sox shows a size of somewhat above 63 KB and
a creation date of Dec 22 in 2014.

	A second system is running jessie. It's version of
/usr/bin/sox is slightly larger than 67 K and has a creation date of
December 24, 2014.

	It's default behavior is more like other documentation
and discussion I have read which says one needs to recompile from
source due to patent issues so mp3 is not included in default sox.

	Had I recompiled the sox on the wheezy system, the date
would be different and I don't ever remember doing that anyway.

	This is a dumb question, but could I have installed
something else on the wheezy system that could have pulled in
some libraries that make sox do mp3?

	If so, I want to do that on the wheezy system since being
able to munch mp3's is useful.

	As far as I know, I don't recompile or modify programs in
my sleep although I've certainly been close to it at times.

Thanks for any good explanations. I even did a which sox on both
systems and there is only one on each.

Martin McCormick