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Re: radeon black screen

On Mar 14, 2017, at 12:35 AM, Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Something is defective, MSI's motherboard BIOS/firmware, Radeon's VBIOS,
hardware, display or some combination. If all acquired together, it ought to
have been taken up with the vendors when new so that you would have had
some recourse. Maybe you still can. Do you have the latest motherboard

I agree that something is defective. I think it is the motherboard failing to switch to the PCI graphics card until booting is complete. The BIOS graphics options are extremely limited.  I can choose IGD or PGD. I do have version 1.b of the BIOS. It is a great suggestion, as many people never upgrade their BIOS, but I am not one of them.

In Wheezy I had 4K using either the Radeon or the integrated graphics. In
Jessie I can only use the integrated graphics.
Now that you have shared this tidbit we know that either your hardware has gone
bad between Wheezy and Jessie, or a software regression has occurred. If the
latter, it should have been reported as a bug so that it could be fixed. The
devs don't spend much time fixing what they don't know is broken. Stretch is
just about ready to go out the door, so it's probably already too late to expect
a report to result in a fix in Debian's "next" release.

Yes, something has regressed. The radeon and fglrx drivers both worked in Wheezy for my PCI card (but obviously not simultaneously).

I believe that is a different issue than the blank screen when booting. That has always been an issue, even in Wheezy.

But now it never boots through in Jessie, whether using the radeon driver or fglrx. The fglrx is a known issue with Gnome3. I don't understand why the radeon driver doesn't work. It worked in Wheezy, and went from 720 to 4K when I installed the firmware-Linux-nonfree package.

Note that I am not necessarily looking for a solution. I have a working 4K system using the integrated graphics card. I most want to understand WHY Jessie doesn't work with the radeon driver.