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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

I can´t understand this Discussion, as Normal user I even had not known that there are
more than one Init System (SystemV) and I don´t think that this should be chooseable. The
Installation is complicated enough dont make it more complex by adding choices which no
one understands.

By the way I am using Linux since 20Years. For me personally there is no Problem in
Installing another Init after Installation Therefore I don´t think it is needed as long
everything is running fine. I am using systemd and beeing perfectly happy with it had only
to do with it one time as I configured on access scan with clamd what is  not the most
important thing too I think.

Please end this Diskussion and get on with important things.

Am 13.03.2017 um 20:40 schrieb Patrick Bartek:
> The Linux mantra has always been "choice," plethoras of choices. So why
> at install time, is there no choice for the init system?  You get what
> the developers decide. Yes, you can install a new one -- I've done it
> and it works -- but only after the install.  It'd be a lot easier, if
> there were a choice to begin with just like whether you want a GUI and
> which one.
> Now, I know with LFS, you get to choose everything, etc.  But is a
> choice of init at install time so outrageous that no one ever
> considered it or is it technically unfeasible or something else.
> Just curious.
> B
Till then,


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