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Re: radeon black screen

Catherine Gramze composed on 2017-03-14 02:18 (UTC):

As I mentioned in my first post, it is a display issue. The BIOS boot screen
never displays, nor does any of the boot sequence, when using the Radeon R9
270X card. Forcing it into the BIOS setup won't make it display the screen
it can't display without forcing it into BIOS. Hence, all setup has to be
done using the integrated Intel graphics, with the switch to the PCI graphics
card the final step
Something is defective, MSI's motherboard BIOS/firmware, Radeon's VBIOS,
hardware, display or some combination. If all acquired together, it ought to have been taken up with the vendors when new so that you would have had
some recourse. Maybe you still can. Do you have the latest motherboard
From https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z87-G43.html#down-bios :

"2015-05-12 1.B
- Improved AMD Graphic card compatibility.
- Updated VBIOS and GOP Driver.
- Hide item "IGD Multi-Monitor" when "Initiate Graphic Adapter" set to IGD."

Run dmidecode to see if yours is older. 1.A is 2014-07-29. 1.9 is 2014-07-07. ... 1.0 2013-04-02.

In Wheezy I had 4K using either the Radeon or the integrated graphics. In
Jessie I can only use the integrated graphics.
Now that you have shared this tidbit we know that either your hardware has gone
bad between Wheezy and Jessie, or a software regression has occurred. If the
latter, it should have been reported as a bug so that it could be fixed. The
devs don't spend much time fixing what they don't know is broken. Stretch is
just about ready to go out the door, so it's probably already too late to expect
a report to result in a fix in Debian's "next" release.
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