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Re: radeon black screen

Catherine Gramze composed on 2017-03-13 18:49 (UTC-0400):

appear? If Plymouth is installed, have you tried removing it?

Is Plymouth installed?

monitor. Of course, the obvious issues with my graphics card means I don't
Did you try the driver that supports both gfxchips? Devs are trying to get
away from chip-specific drivers:

In Jessie the modesetting driver is still a separate package, but
beginning in server 1.17 it's built into the server. With the modesetting X
driver installed and ATI and Intel drivers purged, modesetting ought to be
used automatically for both chips, unless that R9 270X, which according to
Wikipedia doesn't seem to exist, is too new to be supported without
enabling any optional repo, or at all.

​I have to go into way back memory mode, the Wheezy days, to remember when
it goes blank using the Catalyst driver. IIRC it simply never displays
anything at all until I get the graphical login screen at native 4K
resolution. I suspect my Dell doesn't like the low resolution.

My videocard does exist. It' not a new card, but a few years old.

According to that URI it is a refresh of Radeon HD 7870 that apparently nobody ever updated Wikipedia to include. The Radeon HD 7870 is a Pitcairn XT (Southern Islands), originally released 5 years ago.

What do you mean by the driver that supports gfxchips? The ATI driver for

What I wrote was "driver that supports 'both' gfxchips". I meant these drivers:


Simplest way to use is purge all traces of Intel, proprietary and AMD/ATI drivers, install xserver-xorg-video-modesetting, then restart. Ideally it would be used automatically by both the Pitcairn and the gfx built into whatever Intel CPU is onboard your MSI Z87-43G, assuming both are actually usable.....

my card, fglrx, is not supported in Jessie. The Debian wiki says so very
clearly. And the Debian radeon driver seems to simply not work. Blank
screen that never displays anything, even after waiting 15 or 20 minutes.
There is a newer ATI proprietary driver, but my card is not supported by
it, as of last time I checked. Only newer cards than mine are supported.

I thank you for your advice on this - it is an annoying thing
I've not tried to find and read the manual for your motherboard, but it's typical that installation of a gfxcard in a PCIe slot defeats the ability to use the onboard gfx. In some cases, it is supported, but requires special BIOS configuration. It may be lack of support for your several year old Pitcairn is actually blocked by a motherboard BIOS/Firmware/Setup setting that enables use of Intel onboard gfx, not by anything Jessie is doing.
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