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Re: radeon black screen (was: Apology to siduction...)

Meanwhile, my MSI Z87-43G motherboard boot screen doesn't display unless I
use the built-in graphics card. When I use my Radeon R9 270X it just goes
blank, but still boots through to the default first grub menu item. 4K

Goes blank when exactly? Do kernel and initrd load first? Do you see any boot messages before a shell prompt or login greeter are supposed to appear? If Plymouth is installed, have you tried removing it?

monitor. Of course, the obvious issues with my graphics card means I don't
use it. The newer driver for Radeon cards does not support my card, and the
old Catalyst driver is incompatible with Jessie.

Did you try the driver that supports both gfxchips? Devs are trying to get away from chip-specific drivers:

In Jessie the modesetting driver is still a separate package, but beginning in server 1.17 it's built into the server. With the modesetting X driver installed and ATI and Intel drivers purged, modesetting ought to be used automatically for both chips, unless that R9 270X, which according to Wikipedia doesn't seem to exist, is too new to be supported without enabling any optional repo, or at all.

​I have to go into way back memory mode, the Wheezy days, to remember when it goes blank using the Catalyst driver. IIRC it simply never displays anything at all until I get the graphical login screen at native 4K resolution. I suspect my Dell doesn't like the low resolution. http://www1.la.dell.com/vc/en/corp/peripherals/dell-p2415q-monitor/pd.aspx?refid=dell-p2415q-monitor&s=corp 

My videocard does exist. It' not a new card, but a few years old. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2430258,00.asp

What do you mean by the driver that supports gfxchips? The ATI driver for my card, fglrx, is not supported in Jessie. The Debian wiki says so very clearly. And the Debian radeon driver seems to simply not work. Blank screen that never displays anything, even after waiting 15 or 20 minutes. There is a newer ATI proprietary driver, but my card is not supported by it, as of last time I checked. Only newer cards than mine are supported.

I thank you for your advice on this - it is an annoying thing.