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Re: Flash proplem

On 03/13/2017 05:00 PM, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:
On 13/03/17 13:06, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
My version of firefox is 45.830esr-1-deb7u1.  It shows in add-ons and is
activated with version 10.1r999.  At the website it is 24.0.0221.  I am
using a 64 bit machine with jessie on it.  Hope this helps.

Please keep emails on-list.

The flash with version 10.1r999 is I think GNU gnash. I would try uninstalling the gnash package to see if your problem is caused by some conflict or gnash being used for some sites that really need Adobe Flash. I have had no success with gnash.

Once gnash is uninstalled, please again check the version of Shockwave Flash in Tools / Add-ons / Plugins and on the Adobe about page:

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I un-installed gnash and I no longer have any flash in Plugins and the adobe page stated it needed a plugin to use it. I also re-installed flash-nonfree but still no reading in Plugins.