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Re: How to restart root sending emails?

On Sunday, March 12, 2017 11:05:31 PM Andy Smith wrote:
> A better way to achieve the goal of being able to read emails to
> root would be to edit /etc/aliases so that it contains something
> like:
> root: sharon
> where "sharon" is your local user name.
> That would cause email for root to be redirected to your username
> where you could read it with your usual mail reading software. If
> you don't read email locally then you could probably instead send it
> to the email address you have used here:
> root: boudiccas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just for the sake of something (maybe collecting nits?), I believe this (that 
is, sending to  boudiccas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) will work only if (1) you have an 
email server installed (I'm pretty sure Debian does that by default, and (2) 
that email server is configured to send / relay mail via your ISP, which, ime, 
is not done by default on a Debian install.

Instead many (or at least some) of us have what I call a Windows style e-mail 
client, that is, one that sends emails to others on the Internet directly from 
that email client using, for example, SMTP.  I use kmail, getting my mail via 
pop3, and sending via SMTP.