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Apology to siduction 17.01 (was Re: why??why?why??)

Out of my frustration and lack of understanding, or the belief that all
systems should run as trouble-free as clean-debian, and possibly due to
just getting tired of fighting something too long, I bad-mouthed
siduction in public.

My source of frustration came from fighting an installation in a tired
old system (64bit) and a mediocre not so smart monitor.  Most installers
and systems I've seen use 800x600 as their boot/grub screen.
Siduction probably doesn't have access to an old monitor.  What this
meant was the screen would blank out and have an internal error showing
not-compatible meanwhile the grub time would expire and boot up
eventually to a graphical login screen.  So I thought some weird boot
system prevents me from seeing what's going on or giving me options, so
in effect I lost access to all other installed systems.

With a clean head and a different pc I went in as root and looked on the
usb what the grub config looked like and simply replaced the high
resolution to an 800x600 and delayed the default boot sequence just in case.

Siduction ... the best grub-configuration I have seen yet, once you can
get to it and edit it :)

Sorry Siduction!

PS  But you (siduction) should lower your graphics expectations down a
notch or two.  There are some 1024 monitors still around.

PS2  Maybe a way to scale back and confirm visibility of the grub menu
before it boots the default may help, if you MUST high a high definition
grub screen.

PS3  Being more confident I can back up and restore my experimentation
with siduction really did help as well ;)  dd/xorriso and all!

PS4  More than a week ago when I subscribed to their forum "I asked" on
why would their installer not run on very similar systems.  Never
thought the monitor was IT.  I got no response from them ... but I
assume small teams of developers can't address everyone's complaints.

> The past few Fridays it has become my joy for the weekend to install in
> small drives some debian based distro ...  I tried Q4os and siduction
> ... the experience has been a disastrous weekend over another ...  I'm
> done playing with this stuff.  I'm sticking with debian and all I'll
> play with from now on is different phases of it stable/testing/unstable
> ***  All the shortcuts some of those distros make around debian
> procedures and all the funky stuff the employ seem much more trouble
> than it is worth ***
> Although I have to admit that Kali in a virtual machine on a 32bit
> debian seemed pretty good ... but all of its tools are pretty useless
> for me.  I just wanted to see what it is like...
> I still want to figure out how to make backup images with xorriso as it
> seems it may be very handy when risking to break the system.
> my 2c
> kAt

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