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Re: Some help with dd backing up into an iso


fresh mail from GiaThnYgeia:
> So I decided to run the whole script as sudo or sudo xorriso and it
> seems the problem is solved.

Good to know. You are now supposed to have a copy of the files and
directories of the USB stick.

> Should I attempt to rebuild it to a test disk to see if it reliable?

The disk still needs partitioning and possibly boot equipment.
In case of real backup restoration you will need to rebuild these data
by tools like parted and grub.

That's why a (compressed) dd copy of the not mounted USB stick is the
quickest way to get back the whole disk layout.

The ISO provides easy access to the single files. A test for reliablility
would rather be in comparing both file trees:

  sudo mkdir /media/user/iso
  sudo mount -o loop usb_part1.iso /media/user/iso
  sudo diff -q -r /media/user/sid /media/user/iso | less

Program "diff" will list files with differing content.
So no output is a good sign then.

When done, unmount the ISO:

  sudo umount /media/user/iso

You may of course restore the ISO content to some directory in some
filesystem. I will discuss your options in respect to this in another
mail. I have some things to do right now.

Have a nice day :)