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Re: [OT]Re: why??why?why??

On Sun, 12 Mar 2017 21:51:00 +0000
GiaThnYgeia <GiaThnYgeia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The past few Fridays it has become my joy for the weekend to install in
> small drives some debian based distro ...  I tried Q4os and siduction
> ... the experience has been a disastrous weekend over another ...  I'm
> done playing with this stuff.  I'm sticking with debian and all I'll
> play with from now on is different phases of it stable/testing/unstable
> ***  All the shortcuts some of those distros make around debian
> procedures and all the funky stuff the employ seem much more trouble
> than it is worth ***

A while ago I installed Sparky Linux on a cheap laptop, because it was
the only debian based distro I could find that would boot into that
stupid 32-bit uefi thing. Although I cannot say that I really need them,
the few Sparky-specific "extras" seem sound to me and the default
configuration also seems sane, as far as I have tried everything seems
to work well.

> Although I have to admit that Kali in a virtual machine on a 32bit
> debian seemed pretty good ... but all of its tools are pretty useless
> for me.  I just wanted to see what it is like...
> I still want to figure out how to make backup images with xorriso as it
> seems it may be very handy when risking to break the system.

I have back-up'd my system with doing cp -a once from a live system to
copy my installation to an usb drive, then wrote a small script that
checks for the presence of that usb drive each time I shut down the
machine and, if it is connected, uses rsync to keep the backup up to
date. Probably this is not the "professional" way to handle backups, but
is has proven very handy a few times when I had thoroughly destroyed my
system. Just start a live system again, cp -a back the whole affair and
reboot. Always worked fine for me.



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