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Re: [OT]Re: why??why?why??

The past few Fridays it has become my joy for the weekend to install in
small drives some debian based distro ...  I tried Q4os and siduction
... the experience has been a disastrous weekend over another ...  I'm
done playing with this stuff.  I'm sticking with debian and all I'll
play with from now on is different phases of it stable/testing/unstable

***  All the shortcuts some of those distros make around debian
procedures and all the funky stuff the employ seem much more trouble
than it is worth ***

Although I have to admit that Kali in a virtual machine on a 32bit
debian seemed pretty good ... but all of its tools are pretty useless
for me.  I just wanted to see what it is like...

I still want to figure out how to make backup images with xorriso as it
seems it may be very handy when risking to break the system.

my 2c

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