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Re: isolinux.bin missing or corrupt


David Christensen wrote:
> I would like to file a Debian bug report.  Which is the relevant package?

The ISOs are made by package "debian-cd".
The failing isohybrid feature depends on MBR file isohdpfx.bin from
"syslinux-utils" and on file isolinux.bin from "isolinux".
The connection between the MBR file isohdpfx.bin and El Torito boot
image isolinux.bin is made by xorriso from "xorriso".

The error message stems from the MBR code and indicates that the USB stick
was accepted as bootable device but the MBR code did not find isolinux.bin
or did not accept the code blob in there.
The MBR code learned the 512-byte block address of isolinux.bin when the
ISO was created. This number is stored at bytes 432 to 435 of the ISO
image. In  debian-8.7.1-i386-xfce-CD-1.iso  of today the block number is
8444 which matches the 2048-block address of isolinux.bin which is 2111.
So at least the pointer from MBR to isolinux.bin is installed correctly.
This matches the observation that other systems find and start isolinux.bin.

So it seems futile for now to report against "xorriso".
"debian-cd" will hardly be to blame for the same reason.
"isolinux" et.al. is quite orphaned at upstream. So its maintainers will
probably have nobody with whom they could discuss the problem.

Whatever, "debian-cd" should be interested in knowing which hardware or
firmware is not ready for isohybrid booting.

Have a nice day :)