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Re: How to >>COMPLETELY<< remove an application?

Harry Putnam wrote on 03/11/17 13:03:
> Cindy-Sue Causey <butterflybytes@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Do Synaptic, Aptitude, and possibly anything else of that family have
>> similarly close but still different flags/commands?
> I haven't seen this mentioned in the thread... but may have missed it.
> I've noticed that some times aptitue purge does not remove everything
> as show by running aptitude search on the pkg name and seeing the 'c'
> (lower case `c' ) the indicates some files remain that have user
> changes.
> When that happens I've found that `dpkg' will most often complete the
> job.  `dpkg purge  pkgname'
Next time you see configuration remnants, try

  aptitude purge '~c'

Regularly after updates, I (a heavy aptitude-cli user) command

  apt-get check ; dpkg -C ; aptitude search '~b' '~g' '~c'

to check the package management state.