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Re: why??why?why??

Shahryar Afifi wrote:

> why o why...
> why debian keeps getting fancier like other operating system.
> debian is a linux machine, not some toy like apple.
> we dont need gnome 3 taking too much ram, in fact we dont need any
> graphical runtime.
> they dont wanna support  the poor wheezy for what ??? and why ??
> its the most stable OS ever.. thats why they called it old stable.
> why cant i add libpam-fprindt 1:0.5 to my wheezy so i can run my
> fingerprint ?? why nautilus in jessie is so fancy ??
> when i work on my wheezy, everything is just right even when they say "its
> init and PID runs one by one" so what.. its a computer and should look
> like and act like a computer. i dont wanna give up my reliability to some
> fancy mancy..
> :(
> SH.A

If you are old fashioned like some of us try TDE (trinity desktop
https://trinitydesktop.org/ ) it just works as it did 10y ago with a lot of
improvment. Mem consumption is about 1G or even less.
It works great and it supports the different flavors of debian, so might be
that libpam-fprintd will work.