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SSH Slow down after being connected to another Windows network/Virus


I was Transferring some files on another location on the LAN over SSH with
the BitVise Client I5 Win10 x64.

I am running my Jessie 8.6 x32 with Xfce Desktop on a P4 1 Gb. The Transfer
of ~20 GB went fine.

When I returned home with my PC I tried to download some of the files and it
was really! really! slow.

I Uploaded a test file from my 2003 server with the BitVise Client and was
only able to achieve 115 kB/S on the LAN, Pushing the BitVise Client to a
Real-time Priory on both Linux boxes, I maybe had 200 kB/S.

The normal Rate I have for SSH file transfer is around 3-6 Mb/s depending on
compression level of the file with zlib enabled.

Symptoms: When connecting to a network in another place with a Telstra Modem
it prompts the "wicd network manager" to supply a password (Root pw was
needed for some reason), Me not knowing keyed it in..

Resolution: Install wondershaper

Run as Root "wondershaper clear eth0"

Please Note: It had the same effect to my network connected Ubuntu
LTS running a Thinlinc Server.
I have also disabled/upgraded the Background transfer agent in my 2003
server and my downloads go 3 times faster on my P4...

****I Love Linux****

Greg Smith