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Re: why??why?why??

On 03/10/2017 05:53 PM, GiaThnYgeia wrote:
Jimmy Johnson:
On 03/10/2017 12:46 PM, Patrick Bartek wrote:
On Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:20:32 -0500 Henning <henning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Why don't you just custom install to meet your needs?

 I did just that  With Wheezy, 5 years ago.  And I got the system I
wanted.  But it's not a "forever" solution.  Wheezy support will
cease when Stretch becomes Stable.  And along with it support for
applications like browsers, too.  Chrome development and support ended
last year.  Read Firefox will do the same this year or next.  Don't
remember exactly.

Nothing is forever.  And I'm looking for a replacement that fits my

I replaced Wheezy with Ubuntu 14.04, the first thing I do is $'sudo
passwd root' after that I feel right at home and can install all the
software that I use in both Wheezy and Jessie and the theme's too. I see
no difference in stability. The 14.04 mini.iso is the way to start and
get the base package and build from there. I build all my systems from
the base install including this one.

Is this all open?  Is it all free?  If you say yes I'll have to go and
look at what that is.  If you say no, but who cares.  I'll have to say
that, with the very little I know and understand, in a few years after
debian folds, there will be nothing open or free.  There may be some
bootleg old and hacked copies of debian and an Ubuntu license will be
just a little cheaper than an MXS license.  And development in general
will go downhill.

Ubuntu is just another way to say Debian, it uses the same licenses as far as I know.

Question, of what I do not know.  If you have Debian 6 (don't recall the
name) with all the backports enabled and up to date, if you download
Firefox51, will it run?

I'm not using Squeeze for a few years, don't know.

I recently took a look of siduction, which seems basically as sid with
some funkified packages, and some non-free stuff on top, like firmware.
It managed to identify and run some wifi gadget that I never got really
working in debian.  It is beautiful, even some stuff I have hacked
myself to make it work how I want to they have done.  Is it worth it?
How many people right now are looking and studying the code that makes
up the linux-patch?  I have faith that hundreds are scrutinizing the
debian code beyond what debian developers do.

Yes, the last couple of years has produced some unhappy Debian coders and lost a few too. Thankfully we still have good people with Debian, but some of the newbies could drive a person to another distro.

I wouldn't though even would want to ask here  why is my damn debian
installer package not working.  I have studied and installed anything
that I could possibly find out needed to make it run.  It doesn't.
On a different debian based distro, I downloaded and run it and it
worked perfectly.  So I am contradicting my own "political" position.
Debian is not for everyone.  It is a developers' system.  It is a solid
foundation to build systems for those few that know how to do it.

"Damn Small Linux"(Debian) was one of those systems being used for different applications outside of the desktop, I was repairing climate control systems using it before I retired.

And then there is this other thing.  It is only a few years ago that MS
sold Win7 for big money, for non-commercial home use.  And they are not
even supporting their own web browser to run on that flea-dog.  And I
don't think anything based on w10 will run on 7.  Nobody is asking for
their money back ....... and even if they did ........

I don't use Windows for 15 years, don't know.
Jimmy Johnson

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