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Re: why??why?why??

Shahryar Afifi:
> why o why...
> why debian keeps getting fancier like other operating system.
> debian is a linux machine, not some toy like apple.
> we dont need gnome 3 taking too much ram, in fact we dont need any graphical runtime. 
> they dont wanna support  the poor wheezy for what ??? and why ??
> its the most stable OS ever.. thats why they called it old stable.
> why cant i add libpam-fprindt 1:0.5 to my wheezy so i can run my fingerprint ??
> why nautilus in jessie is so fancy ??
> when i work on my wheezy, everything is just right even when they say "its init and PID runs one by one" so what.. its a computer and should look like and act like a computer.
> i dont wanna give up my reliability to some fancy mancy..
> :(

At least you recognize that debian is linux and it is not unix, because
Gnu is not unix either.  Again, I still know very little, but looking at
the huge bug list for every system, edition, phase, etc.  all I see is a
list of problems.  Not a list of how to make it funkier and hipier.  If
I recall X-windows predated linux by far, it is not a debian invention.
Openbox is something new. So this thing evolves as new problems are
discovered and get solved.  Sometimes the only way to overcome many
problems together is to scrap the previous design and start a new one.
And that will be the next version of sid or debian 11.
And there will be a day when all the problems in stretch will no longer
be feasible patched and solved and it will become old-stable.

It is like old red biplanes with a Rolls Royce multicylinder radial.
They will not do Mach-iii

Now if you are running a server on your trusty reliable wheezy and some
fascist hacker wants to shut you up, locates a weakness in your system
and gets in and turns your machine into lasagna ...  wouldn't be better
to have something funkier that the hacker can't affect?


PS  I nearly forgot, my tired eyes can't read shell output for too long,
I like my customizable funky guis with variable colors and fonts and
graphical representation instead of hexadecimal chains.

> SH.A

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