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Re: why??why?why??

On 03/10/2017 12:46 PM, Patrick Bartek wrote:
On Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:20:32 -0500 Henning <henning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Why don't you just custom install to meet your needs?

 I did just that  With Wheezy, 5 years ago.  And I got the system I
wanted.  But it's not a "forever" solution.  Wheezy support will
cease when Stretch becomes Stable.  And along with it support for
applications like browsers, too.  Chrome development and support ended
last year.  Read Firefox will do the same this year or next.  Don't
remember exactly.

Nothing is forever.  And I'm looking for a replacement that fits my

I replaced Wheezy with Ubuntu 14.04, the first thing I do is $'sudo passwd root' after that I feel right at home and can install all the software that I use in both Wheezy and Jessie and the theme's too. I see no difference in stability. The 14.04 mini.iso is the way to start and get the base package and build from there. I build all my systems from the base install including this one.
Jimmy Johnson

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