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System appearance , Themes, Colors, Styles. etc.

Hi all

Debian Stretch amd64

Up until recently, I had a login screen that I liked, a desktop theme that worked reasonably well (with some contrast problems) and desktop background that I liked. Then I killed my system and had to reinstall the OS and load in backup copies. The system has been a bit of a mess since. I only have 2 choices or login screen, neither of which I like. I did manage to find and download a copy of my old desktop background but none of my workspace themes work well. The tend to be dark gray backgrounds -which I like- but do strange things with the print. I tried to send an email to my doctor the other day and my HMO web site was printing all of my typing in white on white. My bank web site prints gray on gray. I have tried various preference setting on Firefox to no avail. My address book prints dark blue on dark gray. Impossible to read. Many of the system settings don't seem to change much other than making scroll bars impossible to see.

I have tried to download various themes but have found nothing that works. Switching different color schemes makes big changes in the system setting page but doesn't change other applications.

In brief, I lost most of my splash screens and can't find my favorites anymore and the various color schemes don't effect my applications appearance.

Any suggestions?

Gary R.